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Johnson Controls is a global, diversified multi-industrial firm, $42B in revenue, with offices in 1,300 locations serving customers in 125 countries. 

Bee-line was retained in 2006 to help facilitate corporate efforts in developing, integrating and measuring the effectiveness of enterprise-wide marketing and communication efforts. A major goal of the campaign was economic development and attraction of a professional workforce to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as the company was seeking to grow an incremental $15B in revenue and needed a marketing campaign that also had to double as a recruitment campaign. 

Activities included:

Global brand strategy and planning

Identity development and implementation

Advertising & promotion


Translation of materials into 32 languages


Facilitation of annual “Vision Week” global employee communication events

Public and media relations, social media

Global web environment,

Brand research, measurement and analytics

The results included:

A new corporate vision, brand architecture, portfolio development process, and brand health metrics to improve management of current brands and acquisitions/divestitures of new properties.

An elevated company profile, including a 400% increase in global media coverage, 30% recall of new campaign tagline, comprehensive brand guidelines, and brand implementation across 1,300 locations in 75 countries in 18 months. 

A modernized and internationalized web presence, with a 20% increase in web traffic and online ad/search click-through rates of up to 30%.

Improved employee understanding and scores on brand-related pride/morale to exceed 85% positive ratings. 

10% – 50% savings in local execution of materials, improved continuity and consistency of marketplace image, and faster developing cycles.

Are you a Fortune 500 company that is paying that big city agency too much for too little? We are Bee-line. We are big where it counts. We’re a boutique firm that has all the capabilities of large agencies without the oversized price. We don’t have ping pong tables here, but we do have a full staff of passionate experts ready to get the job done with huge ROI. That’s where size does matter.

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